1st December, 2016

Dear brothers and sisters,

Nine of us attended the Induction Service of Pastor Mei-chun Ho in Swansea CCC. In the Service, we were reminded that the Lord’s grace upon Swansea, the gospel were proclaimed through brothers and sisters in the last three decades. Pastor Mei-chun genuinely shared her testimonies on how she was saved and called and trained to be a full-time worker, she also shared her aspiration and ideas in ministry so as to take up the new challenge. We pray that the gift of God is rekindled that God will grant her a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. (2Tim 1:6,7)

I really enjoy the prayer time with the two young pastors every Monday morning in Church. Many years ago, Rev Dick Lee came to help developing and strengthening the English Ministry and the Youth Group. Then Rev William Lo established the YAF, he also started the Mustard Seed and Olive Tree Fellowships that serve the new immigrant young people. I cherish the days co-working with them. I got some ideas of the American churches, and had a better understanding of the Lutheran theology and traditions. Pastor Peter and Pastor Chianhong came from The Alliance Church and the Presbyterian Church, with different theological backgrounds and different views on evangelism and disciple-training. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve with them together in the same church, and I appreciate their enthusiasm.

In the weekly co-workers prayer meeting, we pray for the church ministries, the needs of individual brothers and sisters. The Church members all face different difficulties and as overseas Christians more, but we thank and praise the Lord for new converts, for the spiritual growth of brothers and sisters. Most important, we pray for each other, for health, for spiritual lives, and for our families.

By the Lord’s mercy, we serve and preach the gospel with one heart and mind, we determine to break Satan’s stronghold together with the power of God.

I am thrilled to co-work with these young pastors. Please remember us in your prayers!

In Him,
Sam Wong