11th December, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters,121215

YAF invited the young working people to join their Christmas gathering last Tuesday (8/12). The young people of the three language groups dined in a Brazil restaurant together, enjoying a lovely time of meeting each other and fellowship.

The YAF meets alternate weeks. Praise the Lord for granting these young people job opportunities in and around South Wales in different areas. But they face different difficulties in their workplaces, and the reality also challenges their faith, so it’s good that they can support and pray for each other, and study God’s Word together.

121215bThese young people have started to serve in different church ministries. They will be our potential church leaders in the future. Let’s pray for their spiritual beings, pray that they have the faith and wisdom from above to be light and shine before others.

There was a mini farewell party last Wednesday. The most precious sharing was how one got to know and believe in Jesus Christ during a short stay in Britain.

‘You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.’ (Psalm 65:11)

Indeed, this is the most beautiful blessing of life.

In Him,
Sam Wong