9th December, 2016

Dear brothers and sisters,

The PTH council met on Tuesday 6/12, we welcomed the return of Pastor Chianhong and continued to explore some issues after the meeting.

Each department shared their ministries in the meeting. Since both the Canto and English groups hold prayer meetings before the Service, should the PTH group also meet to pray before the Service? If so, how about the various Bible study groups? Anyway, the sub-com will meet on the second Tuesday of each month, for prayers and meetings alternate months.

Due to the changes of Service times, some ministries are affected and some are established. We thank the Lord that the Fujian group can join the PTH big family now. The PTH ladies meet every Sunday for Bible Study faithfully despite the changes of Service times. The Fujian Fellowship will be renamed as the ‘Canaan Fellowship’ from 2017 to outreach the growing PTH families and catering community.

The brothers/sisters Bible Study groups have restarted. The monthly Couples Fellowship is renamed as ‘Eden Fellowship’ to include more people. They will meet on the first Sunday for fellowship and Bible study after lunch together.

The Student Fellowship is formed mainly of Master students. It’s not easy to sow and reap in a year, but the Lord has worked in their hearts and many come to seek the Lord every Friday. The believers’ group studies the Book of Romans this year, they determine to pray and prepare the Scripture before coming to the Bible Study every week. We thank the Lord for them.

The Children Ministry is a miracle. Children’s lives are changed when they meet the Lord. The converted parents are also a blessing to their healthily growth physically, mentally and spiritually. The Saturday Chinese School and Saturday Fellowship have brought the church more closely to the Chinese community. The ministry is now greatly supported by the Canto and Eng congregations. We pray that more brothers and sisters will be established and take up the mission!

The Worship team has experienced high and low times, but they have helped the children ministry. Parents are drawn to the smiling faces and singing of their children.

From next January, we will go over the people, stories and churches of Acts in the Sunday Service. The Lord has promised, ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’ (Acts 1:8)

In Him,
Sam Wong